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Imagine a painting of your home; a custom, one of a kind watercolor painting of your residence. That favorite view, that can be enjoyed anytime, in the comfort of your home. This can be a reality , a hand crafted watercolor painting, ready for framing, by award winning Northern California watercolor artist, Bill Rudge. Rudge paintings can be found in many private collections through out the U.S. and Canada.

Bill has combined his God given talent with his interest in architecture, to create paintings of family, childhood and grand parents homes. To the delight of numerous owners. These paintings have been fashioned from color photographs and even from black and white , when some knowledge of the trees, scrubs and flowers are known, plus the approximate color of the home and trim.

The realism, warmth and impressionistic style of Rudge’s watercolors will charm all who view the made to order art work.

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Barns & Water Tanks

The passing of rural life. Relics of the past disappearing daily. The comfort and slower pace of country life can be enjoyed daily with a Rudge impressionistic watercolor.

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Boats & Water

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Doors & Gates

A series of subjects that raises the mystery or inquisitiveness in many of us, asking the question “I wonder what is behind that door?” or“Where does that gate lead to?” This will be an ongoing series with paintings added from time to time.

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Rural Mailboxes

Ever had the desire to live in the country? Well bring a bit of country into your home with a “personalized rural mail box” watercolor painting. What a unique and charming idea to have your very own name in print, in a one of a kind, original watercolor painting.

The rural mail box has been a favorite choice of the many of Bill Rudge’s customers.

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Trucks & Cars

“Something old, maybe something new, something broken and something blue”, the older and rustier the better. You see them mostly in rural areas deteriorating away in open fields and next to old barns or sheds. Occasionally there are new ones to be placed with new things just for special people. The truck and the automobile are another of Rudge’s watercolor specialties, that have been in high demand over the years.

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This selection of paintings is an eclectic group of subject matter. They range from Marine or Water, Boats, Landscapes, Flowers and even a Portrait (not my forte). I find that most any subject matter can be rendered in watercolor. What subject would you enjoy in your home or office wall?

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